Guidelines on Machinery Directive - revised version published

The EU Commission has published a new version of the machinery directive under the title “Guide to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Edition 2.1 - July 2017, Update of 2nd Edition”.
Unfortunately, only the English language version is currently available. It is yet to be decided whether it will be translated into other languages.
The update covers, among other things, changes to other EU guidelines which have an effect on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU, such as the “Ordinance on Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles” and changes to the Machinery Directive relating to “Pesticide Distribution Machines”.
Parts of the guidelines have also been amended where the text was not clear. This affects, for example, the areas of “incomplete machines” and “integrity of machines”.
A new, additional part was added with the title “SPECIFIC GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS”.
This part deals with special questions covered by the EU machine committee:
•    Safety fences as safety components under the Machinery Directive
•    Classification of equipment used for lifting loads with lifting machinery
•    Emergency stop devices
•    Guards for drilling machines
•    Manually loaded trucks for the collection of household refuse incorporating a compression mechanism
•    Interchangeable equipment for lifting persons and equipment used with machinery designed for lifting goods for the purpose of lifting persons

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