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We offer a selection of technical articles dealing with the safety of machines and plants - both in general and on particular aspects of product families for machine safety. Some of the contributions are from Schmersal employees, others are written by independent specialists, e.g. from industrial assessment organisations. The applicable PDF file can be stored on your computer by means of the download function.

  • Industrial Robot Protection

    Alternatives to the Safety Fence [more]

    The choice of protective equipment around a robot workstation is made easier if one keeps a close eye on the individual circumstances.


    Author: Tobias Thiesmann, System and Solutions Manager, Schmersal


    Source: messtec drives Automation 8/2021 E, S. 7–9, Wiley-VCH GmbH


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    SAFETY AT WORK [more]

    …mentions Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India – a company that’s been offering products & technologies for a safe working environment – in his interview with Anvita Pillai. He elaborates on prioritising man and machine safety, the initiatives for safety, new trends and more. 
    Source: A&D, Automation & Digisat, publish-industry India Pvt. Ltd.
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    ‘Do it yourself’ is the approach taken by a materials handling manufacturer to create a completely new business model. Users can now go online to
    configure and order conveyor belts designed to meet their individual requirements. Systems are delivered quickly and can then be constructed and
    commissioned promptly on site. Pull-wire emergency-stops from Schmersal are being used as a protective device in these new modular systems.


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    Coppenrath & Wiese is using hygienically enclosed safety light curtains on some of its production and packaging systems. The manufacturer of
    frozen baked goods and an automation specialist have jointly proven the mechanical stability of the protective covers in a series of tests, and
    subsequently declared that the series in question is consistent with the company standard.


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    Four concepts for networked machine safety [more]

    Industry 4.0, connectivity and networking are hot topics in machine safety. From the user’s perspective, there are a number of concepts – each
    slightly different, but all sharing one thing in common – their use can boost productivity, transparency and flexibility in production.

    Source: OPEN AUTOMATION, ISSUE 3/2020 (4.6.2020), VDE VERLAG GMBH

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    The plug and play principle allows up to eight safety switchgear devices of different types to connect to safety controls with PROFINET/PROFIsafe via the Safety Fieldbox. This
    solution offers greater efficiency and process transparency – important benefits, especially for the complex machinery often used in the packaging industry.
    Source: Der Konstrukteur, issue 11-2020, publishing house: Vereinigte Fachverlage

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  • Intelligent networking

    Modular safety solution for food processing machines [more]

    In the food industry, however also in other sectors of machinery manufacture, flexibility is becoming an increasingly important characteristic of machines and systems. At the same time businesses
    favour safety systems that provide operational efficiency and cost advantages in addition to the essential safety function. An example of how these requirements can be implemented is
    demonstrated by the sliced meats processing system, manufactured by market and technology leader Weber Maschinenbau, which is made safe using a modular safety controller from Schmersal.
    The service package included the commissioning and validation of the system by tec.nicum, Schmersal’s service division.

    Source: Konstruktionspraxis, Ausgabe 11/2019, Vogel Communications Group

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  • Bowden cable and lockout tag for enhanced safety

    AZM400 safety interlock with new accessories that further improve the safety level [more]

    Some three years ago, Schmersal introduced a safety interlock designed specifically for heavy safety guards and machine tools with heavy doors. Since its introduction the safety interlock hasshown just how versatile it is, not least due to the launch of new accessories that further improve the safety level it achieves.

    Author: Stephan Frick, Product Manager, Schmersal Group

    Source: etz – elektrotechnik & automation , 9/2019

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  • Intelligence increases benefits

    Schmersal develops coordinated systems and solutions for the end-to-end networked Smart Factory [more]

    The Schmersal Group develops not only intelligent safety components, but also coordinated systems and solutions for the end-to-end networked Smart Factory. In this way, manufacturers,
    operators and users of machines also have the possibility of predictive maintenance

    Source:  :K – Kompetenz für Konstrukteure, Ausgabe 7/19, Henrich Publikationen GmbH

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  • This App is the one!

    A useful new tool: A safety light grid with a Bluetooth interface [more]

    Machine safety made easy: Safety light curtains are often used when machines or plants need to be safeguarded but remain easily accessible. At this year’s SPS trade fair in Nuremberg the
    Schmersal group exhibited simple straightforward assistants for installation, periodic inspection and documentation: The new SLC440/COM series with Bluetooth interface and smartphone app offers
    the user a high level of practical value in everyday business.

    Source: GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT, 12/2019, WILEY-VCH Verlag

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  • Safety that pays

    Installation solutions using the Safety Fieldbox and the SD-Bus from Schmersal [more]

    For many companies, maximising cost-effectiveness is still one of the most important objectives. The increasing digitalisation and networking of the production environment offers
    significant potential for higher productivity, for example by collecting and evaluating large volumes of data to optimise manufacturing processes. The Schmersal Group supports this objective with a wide
    range of efficient systems for functional safety that are individually adaptable, fail-safe in operation and also reduce wiring. Some examples are installation solutions using the new Safety Fieldbox and
    the SD bus from Schmersal.

    Source: GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT, 11/2019, WILEY-VCH Verlag

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  • Interview with Sagar Bhosale, MD Schmersal India

    Covid-19 will herald proactive expansion of digitization [more]

    One of the major learnings from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is that digitization will be key in the future, says Sagar Jeevan Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India, in an interview with Engineering Review magazine. He talks about how Schmersal India has restarted production to support essential manufacturing companies from food and pharma sectors, while ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.

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    Source: Engineering Review magazine, India

  • New opto-electronic safety device with Bluetooth interface and app

    High usability safety solution [more]

    Safety light curtains and grids are perfect for securing a wide range of hazardous areas in production, including robot cells, die casting machines and palletising systems. At the SPS 2019 trade fair in Nuremberg, the Schmersal Group this year showcased its first safety light grids with built-in Bluetooth interface.

    Source: SPS Magazine, TeDo, Publishing House; issue 11/2019

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  • ‘Machine safety integral to effective implementation of AUTOMATION & INDUSTRY 4.0’

    Interview with Mr. Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India [more]

    Involving machine safety at an early stage of the machine conception in the era of Industry 4.0 and increased automation helps not only in achieving productivity goals associated with these technologies, but is also economical, opines Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India. In an interview, he talks about The Schmersal Group’s scale and presence, its manufacturing facilities in India and how it is using India as a R&D hub for meeting local, as well as global requirements. Excerpts:
    Source: ENGINEERING REVIEW, India, Divya Media Publications Pvt.Ltd., SEPTEMBER 2019

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  • SAFETY & INTEGRATION - Interview

    Launching innovations as quickly as possible [more]

    “In times of rapid technological change, we need to make sure that we deliver our customers with innovations and “working” products as early as possible”, says Axel Schneider, Chief Technology Officer, Schmersal Group, in this interview with Juili Eklahare from Indian magazine A&D. He explains how Industry 4.0 affects machine safety, what makes the company unique and how it is more economical to consider safety technology at the planning stage.
    Source: A&D, Automation and Digitisation, publish-industry India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Advanced safety solutions can help reduce machine downtime

    Interview with Ramji Singh, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Schmersal India   [more]

    Schmersal Group, an international market leader in the field of machine safety, entered India in 2007 and by 2013, it had its own manufacturing facility. In 2018, it even set up its global IT centre in India, which is the company’s first such outside Germany. We have Ramji Singh expressing his confidence in Schemersal’s growth in India, thanks to rising awareness of machine safety. Singh observes that engineers in India are realizing that advanced safety solutions can indeed help reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

    Source: T&D India, August 2019, Amber Media LLP

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    Safety controller with OPC UA interface simplifies predictive maintenance [more]

    Collecting and evaluating data in Industry 4.0 forms the basis for process improvements and predictive maintenance. This is made easier thanks to a safety controller with built-in OPC UA server which enables a consistent flow of data from the sensor systems to the central IT systems.

    Source: Der Betriebsleiter 4/2019, Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH

    Autor: Ulrich Bernhardt, Head of Sales Control Units, Schmersal Group, Wuppertal/Wettenberg

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    Safety light curtains for contactless securing of hazardous areas in food production [more]

    Food production is among the most challenging industries as there are particularly stringent requirement for sensor systems and safety technology. The strict hygiene requirements with frequent, thorough cleaning are a challenge for all electrical and electronic components. A new series of safety light curtains and light grids has been developed for just these awkward conditions.

    Source: messtec drives Automation, 4/2019, WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.

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    Decentralised "safety separated" system with PROTECT PSC1 safety controller from Schmersal [more]

    Large machine – little wiring required. The company Gebr. Schroeder in Warendorf, Germany, which specialises in wood flooring production machines, utilises an efficient safety solution from Schmersal for its system for longitudinal and cross-profiling of planks. The modular PROTECT PSC1 safety controller forms the heart of the system.

    Source: Industrielle Automation, 3/2019, Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH

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  • SCHMERSAL : Protecting human & machine assets for safer workplaces

    Interview with Ramji Singh, VP Sales & Marketing, Schmersal India [more]

    "Embracing the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the manufacturing facility of Schmersal India is enhancing its product range by designing and manufacturing customised safety products as per the needs of the customer specific applications in India", says Ramji Singh, VP Sales & Marketing, Schmersal India, in an interview with the magazine MACHINE TOOLS WORLD.
    Source:  MACHINE TOOLS WORLD, MARCH 2019, website:

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  • Safely connected

    Safety Fieldbox for universal use [more]

    The Schmersal Group has presented a newly developed fieldbox at SPS IPC Drives for the first time. This allows up to eight safety switchgear devices of different designs to be simply connected to various safety controllers using “Plug&Play”. The machine manufacturer benefits from the reduced installation times, while the operator can enjoy increased flexibility and transparency.

    Author: Udo Weber, Safety Technology Product Manager, Schmersal Group

    Source: SPS Magazin, 11/2018, TeDo Verlag

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  • Safety solutions for the construction materials industry – a coordinated concept

    CRH Structural Concrete Belgium decided to commission for its eleven locations integrated safety solutions from a single supplier: the Schmersal... [more]

    For the Irish CRH Group, the second-largest supplier of construction materials worldwide, occupational safety is a “strategic priority.” It is for that reason that the Group continuously invests in updating its safety systems. The subsidiary CRH Structural Concrete Belgium decided to commission for its eleven locations integrated safety solutions from a single supplier: the Schmersal Group.

    Source: BFT INTERNATIONAL 02·2019 (Website:

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  • Safety solutions for the construction materials industry

    With Schmersal, CRH Belgium now receives everything from a single source [more]

    Occupational safety is a strategic priority for CRH. As part of continual investment in its safety systems, CRH Structural Concrete Belgium (CRH Belgium) opted to equip its 11 locations with safety solutions from the Schmersal Group.

    Source: Global Cement Magazine, January 2019

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    Safety technology for safety doors increases machine availability   [more]

    Machines from Eckel & Sohn are pioneers when it comes to sorting, supplying, screwing and assembling closures. To safeguard its plants, the company has come to rely on state-of-the-art bolt interlocks that fit to the safety doors to reliably monitor their positions.

    Source: Lebensmitteltechnik, 3/2018

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  • Proactive over reactive

    Safety to Cloud solution incorporates safety technologies into predictive maintenance concepts [more]

    Predictive maintenance is a key component of industry 4.0, whose principal advantage can be summarised in two words: economic efficiency. To optimise machine capacity within the sense of future anticipated maintenance, a comprehensive range of data needs to be collected, beginning at the very lowest machine level. Cloud solutions support the user with the analysis and utilisation of the data.

    Source: messtec drives Automation, 4/2018, WILEY-VCH Verlag publishing house

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    A Smart Safety Solution for safety switchgear diagnostics [more]

    Comprehensive information about the status of a machine or plant: This brief formula turns one of the key demands of operators into a reality, a demand that also applies to safety-related components. With the Smart Safety Solution, this demand also becomes a reality. The solution gathers diagnostics data and transfers it via gateway for display and evaluation in the cloud.

    Source: KE NEXT, 5/2018, verlag moderne industrie, publishing house

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  • Smart medical products - safely produced

    MZM 100-AS safety interlocks from Schmersal with integrated ASi SaW interface [more]

    Harro Höfliger is highly specialised when it comes to web processing, and the development and launch of the company’s news PMK series has been particularly significant. One of the most striking features of the new machines are the large transparent safety doors. To monitor the position of the doors, Harro Höfliger uses electromagnetic safety interlocks with integrated AS-I Safety interface from Schmersal, as on its existing MKC series cartoning machines.

    Source: SPS Magazin, 4/2018, TeDO publishing house

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  • Packaging machine with optimal safety and hygiene concept

    The highlight of the Schmersal safety solution: the SD bus system [more]

    Speed, safety and hygiene are just a few of the basics that food manufacturers have come to expect. Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH is now able to offer a unique new development in the form of its VP 600 cardboard packaging machine, which is capable of processing smaller products in smaller formations in a smaller floor area. The safety solution, based on an SD bus system, which is provided by Schmersal, is as space-saving as it is hygienic and supports the machine concept.

    Source: ME Magazin, 4-2018, AGT publishing house

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  • ‘We’ll need to start looking at safety and security as one’

    Safety sensors in robot systems [more]

    Christian Heller, Head of Sales for Central Germany at Schmersal, speaks to us about the significance of safety and security solutions for collaborating robots and the need for more intensive collaboration amongst safety and security experts in the age of Industry 4.0.

    Source: messtec drives Automation, 8/2018, WILEY-VCH publishing house

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    Seydelmann reliant on hygienic cross switches for its operator terminals [more]

    Machine manufacturer Seydelmann has chosen the cross buttons and cross switches from Schmersal’s N range for its control elements, devices that are both hygienic and robust and that have been sealed multiple times to guard against jet water. In addition,the Stuttgart-based machine manufacturer is also currently testing a cross switch that can be operated with the knee.

    Source: dei – Prozesstechnik für die Lebensmittelindustrie, issue 7-8, 2018

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