Compact and versatile:

The new Position Switch range PS 116

For Automation, Safety Applications and for Elevator Technology

They are extremely compact, very robust and extremely versatile. The properties of these new Position Switches PS 116 are aimed at a wide range of applications across all disciplines of the machine and equipment manufacturers.

The enclosure of the new Position Switch is very compact. Its dimensions are smaller than the standard switch according to EN 50041/ 50047. This allows you to install them in confined spaces to monitor the position or presence of moving parts, workpieces or conveyed materials. Four housing forms are available that differ in the position of the outgoing feeder cable or the M12 connector.

The symmetrical construction of the housing and the possibility to rotate the actuating element in 45° steps makes it useable for both left and right handed switches. This is also applies for wire and connector versions.

All position switches of the new PS 116 range have positive break NC contacts according to IEC 60947-5-1. This allows you to use them in Type 1 switches in safety-related applications according to ISO 14119, such as for the position query of safety gates.
In connection with a suitable safety evaluation a single safety switch can be used up to PL d. With two position switches PL e can be reached according to ISO 13849-1.

As all available switching elements have a contact opening of 2 x 2 mm the new range fulfils the requirements of EN 81-1 for use in Elevator Technology.

The range PS 116 is available with various actuating elements, all of which can be set or installed in 45° steps and are inter-exchangeable. The roller lever can also be set in 15° steps.

Different contact versions for snap and slow action allow a wide range of switching and monitoring functions. The versions with three contacts allow a redundant switch-off with an additional signalling contact. Versions with snap switches are available with a latching function where the actuating element has to be manually reset to the starting position. The protection tapes IP66 or IP67 create the prerequisites for using the position switch in unfavourable environmental conditions.

Detailed information such as datasheets and CAD drawings for the new Position Switch PS 116 range are available from the website under the specified reference number.
Additionally an online configurator offers customers the possibility to select in just a few steps their position switch according to the application.

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