Compact and multiple usage:

Innovative technology in a proven design

The housing will appear familiar to the users of electromagnetic safety switches because it has the same dimensions as the AZ 16 safety switch which is being used considerably in many industries around the world and is considered to be "the" safety switch.

The difference to the AZ 16 is that the RSS 16 does not have a mechanical actuator. The identification of the target is contactless using the RSS technology developed by Schmersal: A technically safe physical RFID signal is responsible for the communication between the transmitter and receiver.

This technology creates the prerequisites so that the user of the RSS 16 can select between three different encoded versions. In the basic version, the sensor accepts any suitable target. A second version only accepts targets which the sensor has learnt after being switched on for the first time. With the third deliverable version, the learn process can be repeated any number of times.

This allows the encoding and also the manipulation protection that the safety sensor offers to be adapted to the application and to the degree of manipulation incentive.
Other benefits of the RSS 16 includes the possibility to approach the target from three sides, thus allowing a high level of flexibility when it comes to the integration into the surrounding construction. The safety sensor can be used as a magnetic stop allowing the designer to forego the use of a separate stop with latch. The connection space allows additional flexibility during installation. For example the user can implement a cost effective and tailored daisy chain from switch to switch.

The new safety sensor can be used in existing designs by a 1 to 1 replacement with the AZ 16. For users that still want to use an electromechanical safety switch, but do not want to forego the use of the improved manipulation protection, can order a custom encoded AZ 16ZI version.

In addition to the RSS 16 the Schmersal Group is also presenting other new series at the SPS IPC Drives. The main new product that is going to be announced at the trade fair is from the safety controller range of products: In Nuremberg a completely new generation of safety controllers is to be presented.


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