Extension of the opto-electronic product portfolio

Safety light curtains - with integrated AS-i safety interface

The safety light curtains and light grids of the SLC / SLG 440 AS product range are now available with integrated interfaces for the bus system "AS-Interface Safety at Work" (AS-i Safety). This means:They can be integrated easily via the AS-i flat ribbon cable in safety-related communication networks at the field level and individually parametrized via the AS-i safety monitor.

In addition the SLC / SLG 440 AS product range can be integrated in superordinate security systems, which can be designed according to different architectures ("safety integrated / safety separated"). Schmersal provides the complete architecture.

The muting function allows a safe time-limited bridging and can be realised in connection with muting sensors to allow goods or other items to be transported in or out of the hazardous area. Preconfigured sets of components are available for the users.

The safety light curtains and light grids of product range SLC / SLG 440 AS are mounted in a space saving and lightweight 28 x 33 mm profile. A set-up aid facilitates the assembly. The user can select different designs with hand or finger protection and protective field heights from 170 to 1450 mm. The AS-i safety interface is integrated in the receiver.

All safety light curtains and light grids of the 440 product range offer a variety of practical functions such as the suppression of fixed and movable objects in the field of protection, as well as a double confirmation with field monitoring. This function increases the safety by preventing an unexpected machine start-up in the non-visible hazardous area when the system is approached.


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