The Schmersal System Engineering Tool

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New: The Schmersal System Engineering Tool

A simple tool for online design of complex wiring with different installation systems.

The new web-based design tool from Schmersal gives the electrical designer a simple tool for designing wiring installation for safety switchgear on machinery and systems. The user can choose between different Schmersal installation systems – safety field box, SD interface and IO parallel wiring.

The user can then simply drag and drop the selected installation systems and desired switchgear, e.g. safety interlocks, safety sensors and control panels, as well as the wires used, to assemble a virtual structure.

The Schmersal System Engineering Tool calculates the supply voltage to each device according to the current consumption, wire length and cross-section, and evaluates it according to a traffic light system. If the supply voltage comes below a minimum value of 20.4 V, the display will switch from green to yellow and, if lower than 19.5 V, to red.

The Tool will then indicate that an alternative installation solution should be selected, e.g. a passive field box instead of series wiring with Y distributors on SD interface systems, to ensure fewer voltage drops on account of larger wire cross-sections. The entire configuration is displayed in a topology view that can be saved and loaded. Parts lists can also be created, meaning that the user is just a click away from verifying the electrical installation of his safety solution.

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